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What You Need to Know About Colonoscopy Medication

Colonoscopy is the medical examination of the entire colon. A flexible fiber optic instrument is usually inserted by a doctor through the anus. A CCD camera can also be used by placing it in a flexible tube. The doctor will get a visual diagnosis of the colon. A colonoscopy lasts for about half an hour to a full hour. During the procedure, you are given medication that will result to drowsiness and reduction of pain. The doctor then instructs to lie on your left side on a medical table that is set for examination. You can also change the position of lying down so that the doctor can get a better view of your colon by adjusting the flexible fiber optic tube. During the procedure you will get the cramping feeling. In case a doctor sees an unusual organ in your colon, he or she will take a small amount of the tissue so that it is examined through a process called biopsy analysis. In case there are cancerous cells, the doctor will remove. The other reason why a colonoscopy procedure may be performed is when you have blood in your stool. Abdominal pain and a change in bowel habit are some of the reasons a colonoscopy procedure may be done. If you have a family history of polyps and other colon problems like cancer, you have to ensure you undertake regular colonoscopies.

It is vital for you to avoid going for colonoscopy procedures if you have the following medical conditions. If you are pregnant, the medication can affect your pregnancy. It is better for you to go later after giving birth. If you have lung problems, it is vital for you to ensure you make your doctor aware. Heart issues are also medical condition your doctor has to be made aware of. If you have allergic reactions when you take medication, you have to tell your physician. Medications that affect blood clotting need to be adjusted if you have to go for a colonoscopy procedure. You should ensure you see a doctor before you cease or adjust to the taking of medical prescription drugs. In some instances, the physician may give antibiotics before the colonoscopy procedure. Some reasons that make it necessary for you to take antibiotics is when you are in possession of a heart valve that is artificial. You should also take antibiotics before a colonoscopy if you took the antibiotics before a surgical or dental medical procedure.

Before the colonoscopy procedure, the bowel is cleaned. The doctor will give you instructions on how to clean the colon. You will be told to take a special diet, usually liquid diet. You have to ensure that you follow the diet. A colon that is not clean may prevent clear examination of the bowel. The doctor may not make the correct analysis. When choosing a colonoscopy clinic, it is vital you choose a medical facility that has qualified doctors. The best doctors will also make accurate analysis of colon problems and give the appropriate medication. You will never have colon problems again.

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Remedies to Help You In Treating Genital Warts

In the event that you have genital wards, definitely, you are not the only one. Genital warts are so common. In accordance to research done, there are so many new genital warts cases that are diagnosed every year and a lot of cases are not diagnosed as well. Numerous genital warts cases are normally as a result of the human papillomavirus. Actually, there are more than one hundred and twenty strains of human papillomavirus. However, the ones that result in genital warts are strain six and eleven. Those HPV strains do not normally result in cervical cancer, but they cause genital warts. It might be necessary that you visit the doctor you have to have genital warts treated. You might also want to have your genital warts treated at home. Discussed below are some of the various home remedies that can assist you in treating genital warts.

To start with, there is the benefit of tea tree oil. Together with other many health benefits, a study has been done on essential oils and it was discovered that they can be used as antifungal agents. Tea oils are one of the essential oils and have been discovered to be useful in treating fungus and the rest of the organisms, inclusive of head lice. It is a remedy that may be useful in the treatment of genital warts. You are capable of applying a drop of tea tree oil that has been diluted and then have it applied directly to the wart. There are some individuals that might be allergic to tea tree oil, therefore test a small amount of tea tree oil that has been diluted on your arm first. In the event that there is no reaction after twenty-four hours, it is supposed to be safe for use. Tea tree oil is capable of being irritating and can result in some inflammation or even burning that is the way it reduces the wart size. You should not take the tea tree oil by mouth or through the vagina internally. You are going to need to apply in a repeated manner for weeks. In the event that it is too irritating you should stop using it.

Green tea is the other remedy. Green tea has been discovered to be effective when it comes to genital warts treatment. The green tea is normally concentrated into a compound in sinecatechins which is an ointment that is availed by prescription. You are capable of also buying green tea extract over the counter and make use of it at home by the addition of a drop or two to coconut oil as well as you can apply to warts.

To end with, the other remedy is the garlic. There is some proof that the application of garlic extract to warts is capable of helping when it comes to clearing genital warts up. You can buy garlic extract and then have it applied directly to warts. You can also go ahead and soak some gauze pads in an oil and garlic mixture. Then go ahead and apply it and allow it to sit on warts.

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